How does TECAR therapy work?

TECAR therapy safely and gradually increases the treated tissue temperature. The temperature rise triggers body natural regeneration and defence responses. For certain current frequencies such as 448 kHz other effects can be obtained without heating the body tissues.

What are the main biological effects of TECAR therapy?

Depending on the reached temperature, different effects are obtained:

  • At non-heating intensities (just for 448 kHz currents) there is bio-stimulation.
  • At mild temperature increase the main action is microcirculation.
  • At high temperatures there is a hyperactivation effect.
How is TECAR therapy treatment applied?

It combines the use of two different types of electrodes: capacitive and resistive. Their use depends on the depth and type of structure to treat. A conducting cream is necessary for the current to pass and ease the electrode movement.

How many sessions of TECAR therapy are necessary?

This depends on the type of treatment. Chronic conditions normally need more sessions than acute conditions. It can vary from 2 or 3, to many more. Ask your health professional for more information.

Is there a limit of TECAR therapy sessions?

There is no limit; number of sessions will depend on the disorder to treat and its severity. You can have maintenance treatments.

How frequently can you have TECAR treatment?

There is no limitation, but the amount will depend on the type of treatment, severity and at which state of treatment progress. In early stages sessions this may be very frequent. In most cases it is 1 to 2 sessions a week. In professional sport it can be twice a day!

How long do the effects of a TECAR therapy session last?

The effects may last for a long time depending on the treatment session features. In case of high hyperthermia, the cell stimulation may last a few weeks.

Is TECAR therapy painful?

No, it is not painful, in fact is a very pleasant treatment. Just when hyperthermia is needed some discomfort may be felt in terms of warmth. You should not burn and should tell the health professional if you feel discomfort.

Are there any side effects to TECAR therapy?

There are no side effects, TECAR therapy is innocuous to the human body and very pleasant. However very sensitive skin or when very high temperatures are reached there can be some transient redness and or tingling in the skin. Your health professional should go through this with you.

What are the main contraindications for TECAR therapy?
  • Pacemaker or other electronic implants
  • Pregnancy
  • Non-intact skin (open wounds or burns)
  • Thrombophlebitis (including DVT)

Devices working at 448 kHz are not contraindicated in case of metallic implants as they have been researched.

Can I be treated in case of botulinum toxin or fillers in face?

There are special protocols for combined treatments where it states how long after the filler for TECAR to be applied. Ask your health professional.

Can I be treated in case of deep peelings, microdermoabrasion, laser, IPL etc?

Yes, providing there is no extreme sensitivity induced by the other treatment techniques and skin has returned to its natural state. Ask your health professional for more advice.

Can I be treated if I’m using an intrauterine device (ID)?

In case of metallic ID, a 448 kHz current is not contraindicated in metal implants. In case of hormonal ID’s direct and sustained hyperthermia on the uterine should be controlled in case it could mean a lack of contraceptive efficacy protection. Ask your health professional for more advice.

May I sunbath before or after a TECAR session?

Differently to other type of technologies, such as laser, sunbathing is not contraindicated for radiofrequency therapy. But if hyperthermia has been used it is better to avoid sun exposure.

If a sunburn has developed a 448 kHz current may be used at very low intensity (sub-thermal) to decrease redness and help restore skin condition.

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